Monday, 26 May 2014

My small moment

Water Fight      
By Eta

I was not so so happy at Linda. She is not a nice girl to me. Ofa was nice to me. Linda was laughing and teasing us. On Monday me, Linda and Ofa were  having a water fight. We have fun running around having a water fight with Linda, Ofa and Sane. Linda sprayed cold water on me and Ofa. It was not good. We used water and a water gun. First me and Ofa got it and then Linda got mean to me and Ofa. She ran and got up to me and Ofa.  Linda made a lot of noise it was bothering me and Ofa. She was running and teasing me and Ofa. We got angry at Linda because she didn’t want to play. She wanted to have a water  fight. Then me and Ofa got angry and then we have to get her. We said that my mum was calling her. She came and put down the water gun. We first got the water gun and she ran. Me and Ofa was laughing and teasing her. She got angry. At last she got me and Ofa.

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