Monday, 18 August 2014

My Museum Trip

I was so excited when we went we to museum. 

On Monday room 7,8 and 5 want to the museum. When we got off the bus and went through the museum doors. We saw lots and lots of things as we passed by. I saw a map of the south pacific, it was cool. They have to lock it in a secret place. Then we all went with our classes. Some of the teachers from the museum took us around with them and told us all about the pass. They told us what they used as a  phone in the pass, it was a drum. A very special drum that they used to call people with. Then we went and got our lunch, we went outside and ate in the fresh air.After we went inside then got into our groups and looked at more things. Then we went to the next part of the museum. I got lost so I ran to Miss Sang's group then we went down stairs and waited. I saw my group running to me and saying they through that I was lost and had been looking for me. Lastly we got in our group and took some photos.     


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